Psychological Development Institute (PDIN) association’s articles of association
§1. Name of the association
The name of the association is Psychological Development Institute (PDIN).
PDIN is headquartered in Bergen municipality, Norway.
§2. Goal:
– To provide psychosocial assistance to people who are traumatized due to psychosocial problems related to traumas such as forced migration, torture, war, genocide, social discrimination, sudden death of relatives and sexual abuse, and therefore need psychosocial assistance.
– Conducting research, developing projects, providing trainings, organizing events, sharing information, cooperating and providing services on the subjects of «psychosocial health», «psychosocial assistance» and «human rights», adhering to laws and regulations for the benefit of society.
– To share the findings and results of «psychosocial health», «psychosocial assistance» and «human rights» studies with relevant institutions, organizations and assocations.
– To cooperate with variety of institutions, organizations and associations in the fields of “psychosocial health”, “psychosocial assistance” and “human rights” for a common purpose.
– «Prepare», and «publish» Digital or printed – books, magazines, brochures, posters, films, documentaries, videos, music, etc. – on such topics as, “psychosocial health”, “psychosocial support” and “human rights”.
– To ensure that psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, child development specialists and psychiatric nurses, medical professionals and other health professionals, to participate in the activites of association in line with the established goals.
– To ensure the association’s members, professionals, employees and volunteers to participate in all kinds of studies, trainings, researches and activities in line with the activities of the association; and to cover their expenses in this context in order to be more effective and beneficial for the association.
– When deemed suitable for the purposes specified in the above articles, purchase services from all kinds of “institutions and organizations”, “experts” and “people”.