Our Mission:

We provide free online psychological support for people who experienced traumatic life events and need mental health support all around the world.

Our Specialist:

The Psychological Development Institute is supported by mental health / medical professionals who are experts in their fields (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychological counselor, neurologist) and technical professionals.

What is PDIN?

Founded in 2020 by a group of volunteer Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychological Counselors; It is a platform that aims to provide free counseling and share information over the internet to people who have any type of psychological problem, but not limited to, problems related to traumas such as migration, torture and war. Scientific, ethical values, being unbiased, and confidentiality are among our important values.

On the other hand, the site is open to the contributions and participation of all health professionals who want to contribute voluntarily. We would like to point out that even answering a question of a person once a month will be a valuable contribution. The necessary information for those who want to participate is available on the link on the home page.


Through a form on the site, the questions are directed to the appropriate specialists, and it is aimed to produce scientific answers that are tailor-made, within the framework of confidentiality, to provide professional guidance for the solution of problems, and to provide accurate and useful information.

There are links in the site where authors’ publications can be read and general information can be obtained. However, it is not intended to include detailed descriptions of all diseases.

Videos with general content or prepared by our specialists through our You Tube channels simultaneously; It will also be shared on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

New scientific knowledge and solutions to common problems will always be evaluated.

Training activities and publications are planned for professionals.

Video sessions for diagnosis-support-treatment are at the planning stage when necessary and possible.


We believe that it is important both to get ideas from a specialist and to exchange information free of charge. Thanks to this voluntary formation, we hope to help some people who have difficulties in accessing psychological help services. For this purpose, we aim to start broadcasting in different languages, to improve our site by following ethical rules and to increase the services provided. The services of our site will be performed in accordance with the Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology (

It is much more important to be able to get service in psychological/mental problems in a native or fluent language than other health branches. Although these problems and diseases are extremely common, having different causes and treatment options such as Biological, Psychological and Social, the involvement of many different professions in these processes, having the time and cost limitations in terms of treatment creates difficulties for many people to reach the treatment. This challenge is much more pronounced for disadvantaged community groups. Different health systems in different countries, long appointment times are also another factor that forces people.

This and many other factors have resulted in the fact that the internet, which has become the basic source of information for people, has become an important area for health services, and this requirement has become more evident with the pandemic process. In this context, many basic problems arise. People who are unable to access health services try to investigate their problems on the internet, reaching out to many wrong information. General suggestions and methods can be beneficial for everyone if used properly, but each individual’s problem is unique and needs to be evaluated individually. On the Internet, people are exposed to many unscientific suggestions. Third, one may have the illusion that he/she can handle all of his problems on his own, fear that he is experiencing a much more serious problem than he has, or on the contrary, an important problem. Many problems that remain unsolved and cannot be intervened in time may lead to other problems in the future.

We welcome all your comments, feedbacks and new ideas. We wish everyone health, well-being, and happiness all the time.

On behalf of the Psychological Development Institute team…


Assoc. Prof. Adem Balikci


PDIN Director